With the new California General permit 2009-0009-DWQ now a reality; there are some key things we need to know that will help our customers. Site compliance is very important under the new permit and testing and monitoring have high priorities. There will be increased requests for turbidity testing equipment (test the amount of sediment in storm water discharge after a .25” storm) and pH testing equipment. The immediate and best pH testing equipment are pH strips (basic pool equipment) so these should be available to our customers to help us remain a one stop shop. The most important thing about the new permit is that construction sites have no discharge of contaminated (primarily sediment) storm water.

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The more we know and understand the erosion and sediment control materials we offer the better our customers will be when offering site inspections to their clients, and if done right during installation there will be manageable control of the site. Know what our products offer, and ask our team experts as many questions as necessary to supply our customers with the best we can offer. Encourage our customers to bring their questions to us. If we don’t have the answers we have access to the answers through our suppliers. Also write the following on all your receipts for those asking questions: www.swrcb.ca.gov/water_issues/programs/stormwater/construction

Source: Lucinda Dustin, Mud Hen Environmental LLC, Sacremento, CA

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