KriStar Enterprises, Inc. received notification today that its FloGard® Perk Filter has achieved a General Use Level Designation (GULD) from the Washington State Department of Ecology for Basic and Phosphorous Treatment. The report’s findings indicate average removal ratings exceeding the standards established for both Total Suspended Solids and for Phosphorous.

“ We are extremely pleased to receive both designations after an extensive development program of full scale laboratory testing and field monitoring over the past three years ”, reported Craig Beatty of KriStar. “Washington has one of the most respected technology review programs in the country and this designation is a validation of our continuing efforts to provide site specific solutions for improving the quality of our nation’s waterways.”

The FloGard® Perk Filter is a radial media cartridge style filtration system with multiple configurations available in catch basins, manholes, or vaults, allowing the specifier maximum flexibility in optimizing their site’s drainage facilities. A wide variety of filter medium is available to target specific pollutants of concern.

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