Get Great Exposure for Your Company and/or Product at no cost to you; All you have to do is Write and Submit!

The Erosion Control Network Team is looking for Erosion Control Professionals to submit their current Field Journals to share with the industry at large. All Field Journals will be reviewed here at the Erosion Control Network and we will ask you to continue to write for us on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

This is a great way for industry professionals to gain some extra exposure at no cost to you; all you have to do is write great field journals based on our field journal guidelines sheet. Click Here For More Information.

Please submit all articles to:  

Why Spend the Time Writing Field Journals? - Really Consider Reading This Part!

Hmmm.... Good Question! Well let's think here for a second..."I have to get my pen and paper out in the drawer; NO! I guess it would just be easier to type as if I was writing an e-mail to someone of my thoughts about our recent project and/or future project in detail."

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The pen and paper ordeal is a thing of the past with the internet so widely accepted by most businesses. It is the fastest source of information and the fastest source for distributing information. Time spent on writing is cut in half with the ability to submit via electronically. The only real thing standing in the way of quickly writing up a nice piece is the thought process and trusting that the internet won't be down for the day (just submit the next day in this case). The best way to go about writing a field journal is to consider it an e-mail to a friend discussing the up-s and down-s of a recent project. Your thinking when writing a field journal should go something like...."Well let's see here what is it that my Company/Product is doing that I want to share with others or better yet what is it that my recent project consisted of that I want professional feedback on? Hmmm... yea this will be great to share with other Erosion Control Professionals, but I should consider talking to my customers as well about what my Company/Product is doing afield or within the marketplace."

Just "Think", "Write", & "Submit" - It's FREE; Try It!

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