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Why Consider Online Advertisement?
Online advertising has come along way since the initial boom in 2001 with 5.25% of the 121 leading advertiser's budget being allocated to online ads. The year 2007 is seeing increasing numbers from these advertisers with 17% of their budget now being allocated to online ads. (Source: AAF Survey of Industry Leaders on Advertising Trends).

This makes sense when you sit down and think about why these numbers might be increasing. One of the main reasons for this impact can be directly connected with the DVR systems and the "DVR ad-skipping technology". Advertisers are aware of their target audience now having the ability to skip commercials and other advertisements on the television system.

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With magazine advertisements at the mercy of the reader/reviewer to flip to a certain page and the static/stationary feel, online advertisement is seeing promising results as technology on the internet gains popularity. Ads can now incorporate animation that goes beyond just flipping and changing texts, but now having the ability to actually animate the real Jaguar XKR Coupe driving up to a castle building with a link to their website fading in at the end, all topped off with the actual sound and roar of the car. Last I checked, magazines do not have the ability to display video and sound to grab the attention of a reader/reviewer.

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